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-- The signing ceremony of school-enterprise cooperation was held between the company and Zhejiang Polytechnicrelease time:2022-10-18


     In order to give full play to the advantages of the university and enterprise, we will promote the cooperation and win-win situation in the fields of production, education, research and development, technical exchange, talent training and talent introduction. On the afternoon of October 13, 2022, the signing ceremony of school-enterprise cooperation between Zhejiang Industrial Vocational and Technical College and Zhejiang Ancient Fiber Green Fiber Co., Ltd. was successfully held in the panoramic conference room of the company.

     Zhejiang industrial vocational technology college woolly building and no professor, zhejiang industrial vocational and technical college dean professor ZhuLiangRong, traffic dean professor Wan Zhiping, college personnel, development planning, office and other departments, and the shaoxing federation of small and medium-sized enterprises, vice President of li, kingburg group vice President and secretary of the party committee, executive director of the Xu Yuelin, company general manager ma Jianping, Wang Zhangyan, vice general manager of the company, Dr. Gao Xuefeng and other relevant supervisors attended the signing ceremony as the signing parties. The meeting was presided over by Deputy general Manager Wang Zhangyan.

    Xu Yuelin, executive director of the company, delivered a speech at the meeting: School-enterprise cooperation is the internal requirements and strategic measures for the development and progress of enterprises under the new situation, which is both an urgent matter and a long-term plan. The realization of school-enterprise cooperation with Zhejiang Industrial Vocational and Technical College is of far-reaching significance for the company to further broaden the school-enterprise cooperation channels and enrich the forms of school-enterprise cooperation. The company will take the demand for technical talents as the breakthrough point, and strive to explore the "school-enterprise cooperation, combining work with work" mode, and jointly cultivate groups of young students who "understand both technology and management", so as to achieve a win-win situation among students, schools and enterprises.

     We believe that through our joint efforts, both sides will be able to enhance school-enterprise interaction, bring enterprise practical training courses into the classroom, further deepen the integration of industry and education, with the help of school-enterprise cooperation platform, promote teaching reform and other aspects to achieve remarkable results. Hope that the two sides to sign this as an opportunity to play their respective advantages, overall planning corporate universities, strive to through cooperation, achieve "high quality resource sharing, complementary advantages of talents, science and technology of collaborative innovation, skills, talents produced", in order to speed up the building to make new contributions to modern vocational education system, for the state and society produce more high-quality talents in the field of technical skills, skillful craftsman.




     Xu Yuelin, Ma Jianping and Wang Zhangyan were also appointed as visiting professors of Zhejiang Industrial Vocational and Technical College, which added strength to the talent training of the college.


     At the meeting, representatives from both sides also had in-depth exchanges and discussions on personnel training, recruitment matters and subsequent growth of enterprises.

     School-enterprise cooperation and development, industry and education seek win-win. Through the signing ceremony of school-enterprise cooperation, Green Fiber Company and Zhejiang Industrial Vocational and Technical College will open a long-term mechanism of school-enterprise cooperation, to realize complementary advantages, resource sharing, to achieve the purpose of mutual promotion and common development.