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The company was awarded the "Top 10 Enterprises' R&D Investment in Shaoxing in 2021".release time:2022-09-20

       On September 15th, the city's science and technology innovation Conference was held in Shaoxing Administrative Center. Ma Jianping, general manager of the company, was invited to attend the meeting.


       We will strive to transform the "key variable" of scientific and technological innovation into the "maximum increment" of high-quality development.

        In-depth analysis of the disadvantages of short board, meeting demand units at all levels should always put the technology innovation of the core position, on the development of the country, strengthen the big catch innovation sense of responsibility and urgency, raising benchmark, innovation, further release of kinetic energy, stimulate the creative potential, improve innovation efficiency, outstanding innovation, entrepreneurship friendly, friendly people friendly, friendly youth, We will accelerate the construction of a vibrant city of innovation and win the strategic initiative for future development by competing for breakthroughs in scientific and technological innovation.

       At the meeting, the related advanced list was read out and awards were given. Green Fiber company was awarded the "Top 10 enterprises in Shaoxing in 2021".