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Xiangyang textile industry chain dry training class to visit the companyrelease time:2022-09-20

       On September 2nd, 26 people from Xiangyang Textile Industry Chain Dry Training class led by Shaoxing College of Arts and Sciences visited the company. General Manager Ma Jianping and Vice General Manager Wang Zhangyan attended the reception.


       Guests have come to the company's exhibition hall, production workshop to visit the passage for a visit. The two sides also communicated on product market extension. The delegation spoke highly of the operation and development of the company and expressed the intention to strengthen cooperation in the future.

       At the forum, the general manager expressed his heartfelt thanks to the delegation. He pointed out that the green fiber company closely around the industrial fiber industry, focus on transformation and upgrading of industrial structure, and is developing on the basis of the major technology breakthrough and development demand of strategic emerging industries, pay attention to low carbon cycle and saving energy and reducing consumption, and at the same time strengthening the upstream and downstream industry chain extension and form a complete set, construction became the world's largest industrial base of polyester industrial fiber. The company's leading product Dacron industrial fiber market share of 25%, export share of more than 30%, products have been widely recognized and praised by domestic and foreign users.

       The delegation concluded: Xiangyang is located in the northwest of Hubei Province, in the hinterland of the middle reaches of the Han River plain, with superior geographical advantages. Xiangyang has built area of 9.58 square kilometers of aerospace industrial park, is the hubei province government approval for the provincial industrial park, provincial defense public ZongGeYuan identified as the provincial military and civilian industry, through the communication, the two sides to further strengthen the understanding and consensus, xiangyang enterprise development planning and the ancient green fiber company's development strategy has a lot of each other, It is hoped that the two sides can conduct in-depth cooperation in the future, give full play to their respective strengths, realize resource complementarity and further promote bilateral cooperation in related fields.