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Health free diagnosis into the enterprise true service warm the heartrelease time:2022-08-26

    For further advance "I get things done for the worker" practice, consolidate the party history study education, advocate healthy way of life, to care for employees' health, on the morning of August 23, the company party committee invited to build units doumen street community health service center to carry out "health clinics" activities, for the worker of common diseases prevention and treatment for free, Let the staff gain happiness and sense of belonging.


    Medical, surgical, traditional Chinese medicine, blood glucose and blood pressure monitoring services are provided at the event site. The doctors in the community Health service center provided diagnosis and treatment consultation services for the staff who came to see a doctor. They conducted diagnosis and treatment consultation in an orderly and active manner. They were very satisfied with the professional opinions and suggestions from the doctors. The doctors also provide prevention and health care knowledge, traditional Chinese medicine conditioning methods for employees with common occupational diseases such as standing back pain and arm pain, and send experience vouchers for traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, so that the company's employees have a deeper understanding of traditional Chinese medicine health care knowledge while paying attention to their own health conditions. This free clinic service staff more than 100 times.

    The company has always been very focused on caring for the health of employees, many times to carry out "I do practical work for employees" series of activities, constantly enhance the health awareness of employees, so that all employees have a healthy body, happy work, boost the company's high-quality development.