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The company held “Fiber Material Science and Technology Innovation&quot” special topic lecturerelease time:2020-10-28

Recently, Dr. Chen Shichang, special associate professor of the Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, was invited to hold a special lecture on "Fiber Material Science and technology innovation" at green fiber. Nearly 100 people from the company's production system, technology and sales attended the lecture. Taking polyester industrial yarn as an example, Dr. Chen expounds the development history of polyester, the technology of tackifying polyester and the structure-activity relationship of polyester industrial yarn. Based on years of cooperative research in the field of polyester tackifying and spinning, Dr. Chen focused on the evolution mechanism of spinning process structure and theoretical simulation of tackifying. This lecture is one of a series of lectures based on the industry background of the rapid increase of polyester industrial yarn production capacity and shrinking profits. It is hoped that by focusing on the key common and fundamental science issues in the polyester industrial yarn industry, such as the structure activity relationship of the fiber, the evolution mechanism of the spinning process structure, service life and so on, the theory can be combined with practice to improve the product quality; on the other hand, keep up with the frontier of technological innovation in the field of fiber, develop high value-added products. Senior leaders of green fiber attach great importance to, Technology Center, Human Resources Department in cooperation, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University tailored for green fiber to create an audio-visual feast. The follow up is the Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, which conducts research based on the company's technical problems and feeds the results back to the technical staff in the form of lectures.