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Theme Essay Series on Corporate Culture Construction —— -- Working together to create brilliancerelease time:2020-09-10

What is good teamwork? In a word, it is the embodiment of overall situation consciousness, cooperation spirit and service spirit. Team Spirit is based on respect for individual interests and achievements, the core is synergy, the highest state is the centripetal force of all members, cohesion, reflects the unity of individual interests and the overall interests, in order to ensure the efficient operation of the organization. Team Spirit is a part of the organizational culture, good management can be through the right organizational form of each person to the right position, to give full play to the collective potential. If there is no correct management culture, no good work attitude and dedication, there will be no team spirit. The Green Fiber Inspection and maintenance project, led by project manager Li Ming, our equipment management department all members of a good interpretation of this spirit. Because of the new crown epidemic raging at the beginning of, the company's repair quality has a direct impact on the later start-up production, so this battle is particularly important. Throughout the maintenance process, the entire equipment management department has advocated the team spirit of "respecting individual differences and achieving excellence in the group" . In a team, everyone can speak freely and often solve a seemingly simple problem, we were able to have a heated discussion and come up with several proposals for joint optimization and improvement. The leaders of the various equipment departments often lead the grass-roots staff to go deep into the construction site, guide the technical work of construction and installation, and implement the plan that big problems are broken down into small problems, and small problems are concentrated and broken down one by one, it was nothing less than a pitched battle. Four rat cage agitators in the maintenance of the accident occurred during the cracks, to ensure the later use of the project manager Li Ming overnight on the equipment survey and mapping, and proposed the use of stiffener reinforcement program for construction. The members of each equipment department are also encouraged by the leaders. In order not to delay the installation company in resetting the reaction Kettle, to ensure that the machine is started on schedule, and to ensure that the brothers use the rest time to install all the squirrel cage bolts in place, and efficiently completed the polymerization, tackifying equipment maintenance work. In this overhaul, similar shining moments emerge one after another, the final victory is the testimony of every equipment person's hard work and dedication, is the best reward for the years of cooperation and cooperation of each security brother, it fully demonstrates the equipment department all members dare to fight a hard battle, not afraid of hardship, unity and cooperation of the steel spirit. The ancients said: People United, Taishan Move. The core of a team is shared commitment. This shared commitment requires each player to have a compelling purpose. Feasible and challenging goals can inspire the team's work motivation and dedication, and inject vitality into the enterprise. Only strength to a place to make, the heart to a place to think, in order to achieve our dreams! This year's global outbreak is the toughest time for green fiber. Every Green Fiber Employee who works together is not for money or fame, but because of their dreams! No matter what form the company will develop in the future, only the partners work together to achieve brilliant tomorrow! It's because we all believe in this that everyone strives to stay in good shape, to enjoy life, to enjoy work, to understand each other, to achieve each other's accomplishments, and to achieve value together.