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A series of essays on the theme of Corporate Culture Construction —— The product depends on personalityrelease time:2020-09-10

Companies Produce people first and products second. Konosuke Matsushita is a product of quality and a brand. Products determine the survival of enterprises, enterprises all operations are product-centric, but "things in man-made" , so in the final analysis, character determines the fate of enterprises. "The character decides the product" , here "the product" is said the quality is good or bad, "the character" is abstract, it can only pass a person's thought, the behavior manifests. "Son want to do things, first for the Saint" , "character" good, your life will be magnanimous, tolerance, self-cultivation, work will be responsible for the results, a good working attitude. An enterprise, speaking of integrity, a person, we should speak of "character" , in the enterprise, a person "character" determines your work attitude, work attitude determines the results. The "character" of the ancient towpath is reflected in the wetted overalls of the spinners, the sweat running freely in the face of the packers, the flashlight waving in the hands of the exteriors, the rustling tip of the pen in the hands of the examiners. Black gloves on the mechanic's hands, hard hats on his head, pressure gauges on the stoker's watch, thermometers on the security guard's hands ... In order to improve the overall quality of our products, we stopped for three months for inspection and repair, and all the equipment and personnel were on standby for all-day treatment; in order to improve the quality and reduce consumption, we carried out expansion of transformers and retrofit of Boilers; in order to reduce costs, in order to better meet the needs of customers, we set up more than a dozen QC team to tackle the difficulties. In order to keep up with the pace of the party and the country, we carry out the party Theme Day Activities Every Month; In order to encourage employees to be aggressive, our company-wide skills competition, fire fighting activities... No matter what position they are in at any time, they are able to fulfill their duties as masters of the work, a sincere and responsible attitude and good professional qualities have been imperceptibly transformed into a sense of mission Not only do I want to keep my rice bowl, but I want it to change from an iron rice bowl to a silver rice bowl and then to a golden rice bowl . The "moral character" of the ancient towpath is embodied in all aspects of the staff's quality consciousness, professionalism, cultural heritage, education and training, management standards, implementation standards, self-management, team building, and so on . We insist on improving the quality management system, adhere to the quality and efficiency-oriented road, adhere to the rich development of corporate culture, continue to learn excellent performance, lean production management model, learning total quality management, we people-oriented, honest business, adhere to the staff responsible, responsible for the enterprise, responsible for society, constantly strengthen the concept of quality, customer satisfaction as the highest principle, to form a "quick response, immediate action" style of work, and constantly enhance brand awareness, constantly improve the market, customer recognition, trust, rely on their own "character + product" to achieve today's unique ability. Between character and product, there is a complementary relationship In the new era, character is the basis of a person's ability, is a rare and valuable quality label, the ability of qualified people is not necessarily top-grade, and the character of unqualified people is dangerous goods . "Virtue is the source of water, just like the wave of water" , only self-cultivation, can rule the country and the world, and good products, can also promote the progress of the times, is also a diffraction of human nature. If you want to let the Enterprise Development High Palm Far METATARSUS, excellent product quality and word-of-mouth soft strength is the cornerstone of a foothold.